We are driven by the belief that knowing more about the health of our natural eco-systems is good for business and the planet.


Organizations are becoming increasingly aware of their interface with the natural environment. Monitoring and responding to the changing health of eco-systems has shifted from being an annual task to a required part of daily operations to manage operational risk, ensure regulatory compliance, and satisfy public stakeholder interests.

Our value comes through enabling progressive organizations to proactively manage the dynamic relationship between their operations and the surrounding natural environment.

Asset management practice is expanding to consider the health of both engineered and natural infrastructure.  Forward looking organizations are looking at the ability of their surrounding environment to provide the required level of eco-system services.

Continuous monitoring, 'live' real-time models that can detect subtle changes in complex eco-systems, and intelligent early warning become key to mitigating risk and reducing the impact of disruptions to services including storm water management, air quality control, and noise mitigation.

We make this possible by applying big data technology and AI/machine learning to monitor the health of complex eco-systems in real-time using live sensor data at scale.  

Our solution enables the shift from traditional point in time monitoring to continuous analysis and predictive insight.  

Personalized alerts, condition assessments, and critical event response become available in real-time from anywhere.