We believe that knowing more about the health of natural eco-systems is good for business and the planet.

The impacts of climate change are real and hitting closer to home.  Sea level change, severe weather related events, population growth - all new realities requiring us to look differently at our relationship with a changing world. 

From the South Pacific to Houston to British Columbia the images are clear.  We can see how the natural environment is no longer able to buffer daily life from severe climatic events.

Assumptions about the environmental operating environment simply no longer hold for many organizations.  How will leaders measure the risk?  Guide actions to demonstrate environmental leadership?  Ensure regulatory requirements are met?   

Knekt works with partners to help leaders make better decisions at the interface between business operations and the natural world.  

Environmental intelligence for a changing planet. 


At knekt we are discovering what becomes possible when big data & AI/machine learning connect with the natural world.


Point in time analysis.  PDF reports.  Excel data files.  Traditional environmental monitoring solutions are not providing the solution that progressive organizations need to respond to a now more rapidly changing environmental story. 

We are bringing innovation to this space.

Business leaders are looking for better information to understand and respond to the dynamic and complex relationship between their operations and the natural world.  Actionable information that is easily available to the right people when and where it can make a difference. 

At knekt we are creating the platform for making this possible.  We work with environment science and hardware partners to create a complete and intelligent next generation solution. We understand the need to deliver a more comprehensive and continuous real-time view of the environmental interface.